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How it works

We are a listing service where we try to match donors with people needing donations. You tell your circumstances about why you need a bailout, how someone can give you money and whether you can pay it back or perform remote services to help out etc.

Tell your story in your listing

Donors coming to the website will read your story and circumstances and if they want they will contribute to
you or your cause. If it is a loan that you need until you are able to get out of a bind then list
accordingly and anyone can lend you the money and donít forget to explain how and when you can pay it back.Once you list under the appropriate category, you can use our email service to send emails out to those who may want to donate to your cause. The email can be sent by you personally or anonymously by informing the recipient that you are looking for their generosity.

we are just a listing service

We do not handle the money at all, in fact you place your own PayPal link on your listing and any donated
money will be credited directly into your PayPal account. We do not have access to your PayPal account.
We do not guarantee any donations.

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